Silently Sit

As I silently sit, staring into the deep gloomy dark, I notice something glistening. I start to wonder, if this glistening means anything. Is this glistening a symbol of optimism? Or is it showing me the vibrant present I am missing out on? Whatever it meant, it made me feel sad. The beauty of the glistening was admirable, somewhat desirable. How it can glisten in a deep gloomy dark room, made me fill up with envy, that something so bright and beautiful can retain its delicacy in such a hideous place. I wondered what it would be like to be that glistening object. I start to think, maybe if I was that glistening object, just maybe, I could turn this sickening place into somewhat pleasant. However this seems impossible. The thick, ghastly cloud that suffocates my mind would diminish anything with such beauty. Maybe that glistening object is showing me what I can never have. It’s unreachable. It’s unthinkable. It’s impossible.


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